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Divorce with Dignity

The process of Divorce is difficult for any family. Learn about the Collaborative process, the costs, and how you can protect your family by engaging a team to help you come to a quick resolution.

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Legal Professionals who have seen too much angling for inches in a divorce have discovered a better way to work through your separation, by working together.


Divorce Coach

Changes to your lifestyle can be difficult to consider during and after a life event such as divorce. The Divorce Coach works to provide clarity and confidence that both parties are being heard, and that the rest of your Collaborative Team understand what you want your life to look like after divorce.

Financial Neutral

The Financial Neutral is part of your team who will help create a plan to separate assets. Coming to a resolution here can result in less time fighting, and more security that the division was fair.


A couple's 5 options for divorce...

Do Nothing
Couple separates without formal arrangements

couple no lawyer

Kitchen Table
Couple sits together and agrees on a divorce settlement

Couple hires neutral professional to assist with negotiation

Couple has Lawyers, Divorce Coach, Financial Neutral and/or Child Specialist

couple lawyers required

Court makes a decision on the outcome

court and lawyer req

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